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14 Ways To Lose or Maintain Weight On Holiday Part 2

The Healthy EmployeeFamily health 14 Ways To Lose or Maintain Weight On Holiday Part 2

14 Ways To Lose or Maintain Weight On Holiday Part 2

Losing or maintaining weight can be difficult when on holiday, with much of our plans often revolving around meal times. But this needn’t be the case, making a few simple switches will ensure you stay on track and arrive home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated rather then sluggish and heavy.

Have a quick read through the second installment, with 7 tips on how to maintain or lose weight with ease whilst on holiday.


1. Choose a side plate

Using a side plate at the buffet will force you to serve yourself smaller portions. When it comes to portion control, remember that your starchy carbohydrates should be approximately the size of your fist (aim to make these of the wholegrain variety such as brown rice and wholewheat pasta), your protein should be the size of your palm, fats should be the size of your little finger and aim for your salad and vegetables to cover half the plate generously.


2. Enjoy each meal

Enjoy and savour each of your meals. You’re on holiday and should be making the most of it, but that doesn’t mean you have to over indulge in everything.


3. Choose your treats wisely

Ice cream and pastries are a regular occurrence on holiday, but be mindful of overdoing it. Try to stick with one treat a day, be that an afternoon ice cream or after dinner crepe. There is no need to avoid your favourite holiday puddings, but choose wisely and enjoy it, this way you will ensure you don’t go completely overboard and feel overwhelmed by the scales once you have arrived home.


4. Avoid the mini-bar

Nothing good ever came from a mini-bar! Your waistline and bank balance will thank you later!


5. Be breakfast smart

Being faced with a full buffet each morning could set you on the path to destruction. But play is smart. Avoid pastries and fried food and stick with foods such as eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes and bacon. The fibre and protein will ensure you stay full until lunchtime, making it less likely that you will opt for a mid-morning sugary snack.


6. Enjoy exercise

Exercise needn’t be taxing whilst you’re away. Many often shun the idea but it is very easy to integrate in reality. Is there somewhere you are planning to visit for a day trip? If the terrain, distance and temperature are appropriate why not walk or cycle? If the temperature is too high during the day then why not take a stroll after your evening meal. If there is a swimming pool where you are staying try to complete a few daily laps of the pool, or see if there are any aqua classes taking place for you to join. The majority of the time we fail to exercise the recommended amount due to lack of time around our other commitments – but there is no such issue on holiday!


7. Alcohol

Whilst alcohol consumption is to be expected when on holiday, it is worth integrating damage limitation. Stick with spirits and low-calories mixers such diet lemonade or soda water instead of cream based cocktails. Wine can also be made into spritzers. Remember that alcohol is empty calories that don’t satisfy your appetite. Try to alternate alcoholic drinks with a glass of water as this will ensure you maintain hydration and reduce your calorie intake.

The Healthy Employee
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