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Boost Your Protein Intake With Plants

The Healthy EmployeeBoosting energy Boost Your Protein Intake With Plants

Boost Your Protein Intake With Plants

Going meat-free occasionally if perhaps even frequently has become ever more common, health benefits and low costs have proven persuading factors.

Meat is tough to beat when it comes to protein content, with next in line usually being eggs and dairy products. But have you thought about ditching animal products altogether on the odd occasion?

These following plant-based foods will help you on your way to getting your daily protein quota with ease, simply click on the recipes in the right hand column to get started.


Protein content per 100g serving


Soy12-19g– Miso, Vegetable & Tempeh Soup

– Marinated Tofu

Oats17g– Natural Oatcakes

 Winter Warming Porridge (replace milk and yoghurt with soy alternatives)

Chickpeas9g– Braised Coconut & Chickpeas with Lemon

– Roasted Pumpkin Hummus

Lentils9g– Veggie & Lentil Bolognaise

– Tomato & Lentil Dahl

Wholegrains4-6g– Homemade Seeded Crackers

– Pearl Barley, Sausage & Tomato Stew (exchange sausage for tofu)

Seeds18-20g– Chia, Berry & Spinach Smoothie

– Chickpea Pancakes (replace yoghurt with soy alternative)

Nuts18-21g– Apple & Peanut Butter Slices

– Banana & Hazelnut Smoothie (replace honey with agave nectar)

Quinoa4.4g– Thai Peanut Quinoa Salad

– Chickpea, Aubergine & Herby Quinoa Grain Bowl (replace yoghurt with soy alternative)

VegetablesPeas – 5g

Mushrooms – 3.1g

Broccoli – 2.4g

Spinach – 3g

Sprouts – 3.9g

Kale – 1.9g

Corn – 3.2g

– Spicy Pepper & Aubergine in Portobello Mushrooms

– Kale Crisps

Black beans21g– Mexican Bean Soup

– Bean & Spicy Rice Stuffed Peppers

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The Healthy Employee
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