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Can I banish cravings?

Can I banish cravings?

Can I banish cravings?

Yes you can.


Many people suffer from food cravings; often these foods tend to be high in fat and/or sugar.

However, it is not just the obvious sugar and fat in fizzy drinks, cake and sweets and crisps that you need to be aware of. Sugar and fat is in all of our processed foods and we are all too often unaware of it.

For example granola bars and fruit and fibre bars are glued together with sugar syrup. Shop bought baked beans, soups, ready meals, low fat yoghurts, breads and many other items you put in your weekly shopping trolley are saturated of sugar and fat, often containing more than half of your daily allowance within one small meal.  

To banish cravings you must first balance your blood sugar. You do this by:

  • Eating real foods such as some fruits, vegetables, salads, fish, meat, some dairy products and eggs
  • Eating regularly to avoid a dip in your blood sugar – don’t go for more than 5 hours without eating anything
  • Not going too long between meals – 3 meals and 2 snacks works for many of us
  • Eating plenty of real foods
  • Avoiding processed foods
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