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Celebrating Global Employee Health and Fitness Month

The Healthy EmployeeBoosting energy Celebrating Global Employee Health and Fitness Month

Celebrating Global Employee Health and Fitness Month

This month is Global Employee Health and Fitness Month – a reminder to all that your health and fitness impacts all aspects of life and that by making positive and healthy choices, you stand a far greater chance of gaining the most from both your work and personal life.

With levels of obesity continuing to rise, the need for health initiatives have never been more valuable. Promoting health and wellness through positive nutrition within the workplace will equip employees with the know-how in eating a balanced diet and therefore stand to gain in many aspects throughout their lives.

In terms of priorities, nutrition was placed 7th among UK businesses, clearly showing that as a country we have some way to go in order to fulfill our potential of the promotion and reaped benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

Unhealthy lifestyles are expensive; each employee takes on average 7.6 days of absence each year – this is a cost of £600 per annum for every company. This costs the UK economy approximately £14 billion every year.

Holding a spotlight over nutrition in the workplace will enable to below benefits:

  • Weight gain/weight loss
  • Decreased illness
  • Reduced absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased morale, motivation and productivity
  • Increased physical fitness
  • Greater job satisfaction
  • Improved mood and energy
  • Improved team work
  • Lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels, visceral fat and body fat percentage
  • Decreased stress and anxiety
  • Overall increased health awareness
  • A greater bottom line


Celebrating Global Employee Health and Fitness Month will benefit you personal regardless of your position within a company, be that an apprentice or the CEO.


A few quick tips to kick-start your health and fitness initiative:

  • Eat breakfast

Performance, energy, motivation, and focus have all been shown to increase if you eat breakfast. It has also been proven that those who make time for breakfast are more likely to be a healthy weight. Check out our full range of breakfasts by clicking here.

  • Snack on the right foods

The key to sustained energy is eating the right foods in between meals if you feel yourself beginning to slow to a halt. Having snacks available that include oatcakes, dried fruit, fresh fruit and unsalted nuts will provide you will slow releasing energy, enabling you to refocus and sail through until your next meal.

  • Never underestimate the importance of lunchtime

Growing numbers of employees barely take a breather throughout the day, eating lunch whilst chained to their desk. It is vital to step away from the office environment, and take some time out to enjoy your midday meal. Getting outside for some sunshine and fresh air is an added bonus! Get your midday meals in order – choose from our wide range of delicious recipes.

  • Banish the afternoon slump

The noise in the office begins to get quieter, the clock seems to have stopped working, and everyone is beginning to think about their journey home. Extinguish the afternoon slump by placing a bowl of fresh fruit in the middle of the office. This simple pick-me-up with provide employees with maintained energy until it’s time to call it a day.

The Healthy Employee
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