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Bacon and tomato pitta bread sandwiches

Bacon and tomato pitta bread sandwiches are delicious for breakfast or for a quick and easy lunch. Use brown pittas preferably, add mustard or guacamole or even hummus in place of tomato or brown sauce. 

The quantities of ingredients will depend upon how many you are cooking for and will depend upon your programme recommendations - refer to My Healthy Eating Plan to understand your portion size.


  • Bacon
  • Tomatoes are optional (canned is fine)
  • Brown Pitta Breads


  1. Split your pitta breads with a knife to open into pockets (they can be toasted if and then split if you prefer)
  2. Assemble your bacon and tomatoes inside the pitta, perhaps add a few lettuce leaves to lighten your meal
  3. Add mustard or guacamole to taste
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