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Egg pitta bread sandwiches

Egg pitta bread sandwiches are delicious for breakfast or lunch. If they are for lunch then add handfuls of salad vegetables too. 

The amount of ingredients you need will depend upon how many you are feeding.


  • Eggs - cooked however you prefer
  • Brown pitta breads


  1. Split your pitta breads with a knife to open into pockets (they can be toasted and then split if you prefer)
  2. Assemble your eggs inside the pitta.  Cook your eggs anyway you choose.  Fried (using a very small amount of oil), poached or scrambled.  Boiled eggs with rocket makes a good lunch option too.
  3. Add mustard, guacamole, fresh tomato salsa, mustard, worcestershire or tabasco sauce to taste.  Avoid all sauces high in sugar such as tomato ketchup and brown sauce. 
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