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Feta and green chilli dip

Feta and green chilli dip is brilliant for dipping veggies into as a snack or dollop it on top of cooked fish or chicken to add more flavour.

You may recognise this as a spicier version of the Greek dip tirokafteri. Quite how spicy it ends up depends on your chillies. You may want to add just one to start with, then take a view.


  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 mildish green chillies, each around 15cm long
  • 1 TBS red wine vinegar
  • 300g feta, crumbled into small pieces
  • 2-3 TBS milk



  1. Heat 1 TBS olive oil in a small frying pan and throw in the chillies. Cook for 2-3 minutes, turning occasionally, until soft and charred on all sides
  2. Leave to cool, then remove the seeds and stalks, and peel off the skin. Finely chop the chilli flesh and blitz in a small food processor (or pound in a mortar and pestle) with the vinegar and the oil they were cooked in
  3. Add half the feta and 2-3 TBS milk, and whizz or mash until totally smooth
  4. Add the remaining feta, plus a splash more olive oil, and blend into the sauce so it is thoroughly mixed, but still has a bit of texture, adding more milk until it reaches the consistency you want
  5. Place the mixture in a bowl and add a few thin rounds of fresh green chilli for decoration
  6. Enjoy with oat cakes or crudites

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