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Leftovers breakfast

Leftovers breakfast has two benefits -

1.­ This is a brilliant way of using up a small amount of leftovers if you don't have quite enough for lunch

2.­ Leftovers breakfast makes a change - so if you fancy a different spin on breakfast this may be for you

Here are some examples of leftovers for breakfast

  • Cooked cold chicken with an apple or an orange - simple and fast
  • Cooked cold fish with a bowl of strawberries with balsamic vinegar drizzled over
  • Cooked cold sausage added to a split brown pitta bread with some salad leaves or leftover ovenroasted peppers. Add a dollop of mustard to bring out the flavour of the cold sausage
  • Use up leftover veggies by adding them to a breakfast omelette
  • Leftover fruit salad, add it to some plain yoghurt and sprinkle some nuts and seeds over the top

The opportunities for leftover breakfasts are endless.­ See what you can put together.


Recipe developed by Sharyn Singer


  1. For a different, but filling breakfast, use the leftovers from a protein-based dinner - sounds strange but it does work!
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