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Foods To Eat In May

Foods To Eat In May

Food shopping is a time consuming task, and not knowing what to buy when you get there can be overwhelming and ultimately expensive. However, purchasing seasonal foods is a healthy and cost effective way to approach food shopping. Grocery stores tend to stock up on seasonal items because they are plentiful, making them less expensive for you.

Why should you eat in-season foods?

  •   You will gain better nutrition
  •   It makes environmental sense
  •   You will save money
  •   Foods will taste better


For a more in depth explanation about why eating in-season foods is the way to go – click here. However firstly, have a look at the fruits, vegetables, meat, game, fish and seafood that are all in-season for May below.

Take a look at our recipe library for inspiration on cooking with in-season foods!


Apricot Banana
Blackcurrants Gooseberry
Grapefruit Kiwi fruit
Nectarine Pomegranate
Rhubarb Tomato


Asparagus Aubergine
Broccoli Cabbage
Carrots Globe artichoke
Jersey royal new potatoes Lamb’s lettuce
Lettuce Onions
Pak choi Peas
Pepper Radicchio
Radishes Rocket
Samphire Spinach
Spring greens Spring onions
Wild nettles


Beef Chicken
Lamb Pigeon



Cod Crab
Haddock Halibut
Kippers Langoustine
Mackerel Plaice
Prawns Salmon
Sardines Sea trout
Shrimp Tuna
Whelks Whitebait


Basil Chervil
Chives Coriander
Dill Oregano
Mint Parsley
Rosemary Sage
Sorrel Tarragon

For full details of our Employee Nutrition Services, please find our brochure here and to chat through how this may be implemented in your workplace please call Anna on 07778 218009.

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