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Getting The Balance Right For A Happier, Healthier Life

The Healthy EmployeeBrain power Getting The Balance Right For A Happier, Healthier Life

Getting The Balance Right For A Happier, Healthier Life

1st-5th October is National Work-Life Balance Week – something we all struggle with at times! Making a conscious effort to improve your work-life balance, or that of your employees, will see a considerable improvement in all areas of your/their lives.

We can often feel bogged down with responsibilities both in and out of the workplace, which can often result in burning the candle at both ends. This lifestyle excess can lead to a lowered immune system, stress, tiredness, an unhealthy diet, raised blood pressure, anxiety and a tendency to not look after oneself as well as we possibly could.

Recent statistics have shown that:

  • 40% of us get less sleep than we should
  • 40% of us spent less time exercising than we would like
  • 58% of us feel our health would benefit for more flexible working hours
  • 23% of us are unhappy with our current work-life balance


Finding the right balance between work and home is essential for long-lasting happiness and overall health. So what can you do to achieve this?

As an employer:

  • Encourage employees to go home on time
  • Promote diversity, refresh company policy
  • Encourage lunch breaks
  • Arrange lunch-time exercise classes or group walking clubs
  • Arrange flexible working hours where possible

As an employee:

  • Go home on time
  • Take your lunch breaks, and leave your desk for a change of scene
  • Arrange to partake in an exercise class at lunchtime
  • Plan and prepare your meals for the week ahead
  • Make a weekly schedule of all the things that matter to you
  • Where possible, cross the boring things off your list throughout your commute. For example, personal admin can be done on the train instead of when you return home.


Retirement age is only set to increase, making work-life balance more important than ever. Finding moderation in everything is key to ensuring a happy equilibrium. The wellbeing quadrant below demonstrates how all aspects of life are interconnected and therefore need to be thought through and given an appropriate amount of attention. When every aspect is considered, a healthy balance is achievable, making happiness and health your top priority.

To book a telephone appoint to discuss our employee nutrition services in greater detail and how they could benefit your business, call Anna on 07778 218009.

The Healthy Employee
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