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Global Employee Health & Fitness Month

The Healthy EmployeeAlcohol Global Employee Health & Fitness Month

Global Employee Health & Fitness Month

May is Global Employee Health & Fitness Month, so take the opportunity to promote healthy habits, instigate a balanced diet, plenty of exercise and boosted wellness and energy within your workplace.


What could happen if you let your health and wellness take a backseat?

  • Increased stress levels
  • Lowered morale
  • Increased illness risk
  • Weight loss or gain
  • Decreased physical fitness
  • Lowered self-esteem and confidence levels
  • Decreased productivity
  • Higher blood pressure and cholesterol levels


So what steps can you make in becoming a healthier employee?


1. Snack your way through meetings

If you know your meeting is going to be a long one, come prepared with healthy snacks to keep you going. This way you will be less tempted by the chocolate biscuits plonked in the middle of the table, which will cause you to sink into a sugar induced haze.

We have an extensive choice of healthy snacks to keep you alert and functioning to your best capacity. Click here to choose what you’ll have at your next meeting!


2. Drink your water

Keep a bottle of water to hand throughout the day and take frequent sips. Aim for 1.5 – 2 litres each day, and more if the weather is warm of you have a physical job.

We understand that plain water can be uninspiring, so why not try flavouring it naturally. We have loads of flavour pairings to give you inspiration – click here to check them out.


3. Snack strategically

You can only apply yourself at work when you are fully fuelled. Choosing snacks that will provide you with sustained and steady energy throughout the day is vital in avoiding those energy peaks and troughs. If your company provides sugary and unhelpful snacks such as biscuits and chocolate, why not suggest an updated food choice? Items such as oatcakes, fresh fruit and plain nuts. If this isn’t feasible, ensure you have your own snacks to hand, either in your desk door, the communal fridge of your bag when travelling.


4. Fill up on breakfast

As with snacks, it is vital that you have an energy boosting breakfast. Base your breakfast on protein and also a wholegrain source to keep you feeling fuller for longer and to help you concentrate. Mid-morning snacks will also become less tempting. Check out our breakfast choices here.


5. Check your alcohol and caffeine intake

You may be drinking adequate amounts of water each day, but do you know how much caffeine and alcohol you are consuming each week or what the recommended amount is? Both caffeine and alcohol can cause many issues when it comes to energy, sleep, focus and concentration. Limit your caffeine intake to 4 cups or tea or coffee per day and avoid energy drinks as they are full of sugar, and limit your alcohol intake to 14 units per week with at least 2 consecutive alcohol free days.


6. Avoiding office treats

Birthday cake and treats are probably all too common in your workplace, making avoidance feel like a constant battle. Instead of having a steady influx of sugary foods, why not suggest limiting this to Fridays only. This way you will only need to practice self control one day per week and it will likely cut down sugary intake throughout the workplace, making for a happier, more productive environment.


7. Always take a lunch break

No more eating at the desk. Use your lunch break as an opportunity to step away from your workspace. As well as eating away from your desk, try to take a 10 minute walk outside. The fresh air and light exercise will help to get your blood pumping, give you a fresh outlook and boosted energy levels come the afternoon.


8. Erase your afternoon slump

It’s 3pm and you can feel your shoulders begin to droop and your eyes keep reverting back to the clock with time seemingly standing still. The afternoon slump is time stood still, with many of us struggling through it on a daily basis. Give yourself a pick me up. Stand away from your desk, have a quick stretch, go for a walk if needs be, and grab a piece of fruit to recalibrate your blood sugar levels.


We’d love to hear about how your company celebrated Global Health and Fitness Month. Please share any of your celebration idea or pictures by emailing Georgina directly.

The Healthy Employee
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