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National Get On The Scales Day

The Healthy EmployeeFamily health National Get On The Scales Day
National Get On The Scales Day

National Get On The Scales Day

National Get On The Scales Day occurs on the 29th December each year. In the UK, the average person will consume 7000 calories on Christmas day alone. With an average weight gain being 6lbs between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day.

A one-off splurge will have little negative impact, however, many of us write off the whole of December with frequent snacking and unconscious grazing.

The excess food and drink will often leave us feeling sluggish, lethargic and demotivated to get back to normality come the new year.

Being mindful and tactical about your food and drink choices throughout the festive season will enable you to take control of your wellbeing and hop back on track if you choose to loosen your approach for the next few weeks.

In some respects, allowing yourself to gain a few lbs of weight over the Christmas season will benefit your health. This will enable you to enjoy some of your favourite treats and not feel deprived and give you a positive mindset come January and getting back on track.

Stepping on the scales post-celebration is not something that should be dreaded. It is also not something to necessarily be taken literally. Decide on your timescale of indulgence and a relaxed approach with your food and drink, have a plan set out in your mind, and decide when your end point is.

Keeping to a plan will take away the feelings of trepidation and arm you with the control and confidence – allowing you to enjoy your Christmas!


Follow these top tips to make your Christmas season healthy, seamless and happy!

  • Be kind to yourself
  • Be mindful of your alcohol and food intake
  • Make a plan and stick to it
  • Practice moderation
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat 3 balanced meals a day – this will reduce your snack intake which can quickly add up
  • Enjoy time with family and friends and focus less on food and drink
  • Focus on whole foods instead of sugar laden foods as these will reduce your energy and lead to greater cravings
  • Don’t regret any of the good times, embrace them and hop back onto your balanced bandwagon on your decided date
The Healthy Employee
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