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2.55pm, The Time When No Work Is Done!


At 2.55pm, the time when no work is done!  This is the time when the average office worker has their most unproductive moment of the day according to a recent report.  The full article can be viewed here.


This is something we have known for a long time.  The middle of the afternoon ‘graveyard shift’ as it’s known here at The Healthy Employee is brought about by a lunch that is high in sugar and then followed by the lull, the plummeting of blood sugar that brings about tiredness, lethargy and the inability to focus and concentrate. Often the sugar is hidden and the individual has little idea that he or she is consuming it. Although we all know that the coke and packet of crisps is not going to boost our energy!


A snap shot of the article:

“Workers said they were most likely to be ‘checking social media’ at 2.55pm

Many said they needed coffee and chocolate to get working again

After a long and frantic day, their attention starts to wane and they start idly looking at photographs of their friends on Facebook or posting messages on Twitter.

A report, published today, claims to identify the point at which the average office worker reaches ‘their most unproductive point of the day.’ And the answer is 2.55pm.

Of the poll of 420 office workers in the UK, this was the average time at which workers claim to be hit by the ‘post lunch lull’.”


Energy Boosters

Boost your energy by eating three meals plus two healthy snacks each day.  Choose foods that have low GI, see our food checklist, and drink at least 2l’s of water daily.  Reduce your caffeine intake to a maximum of 4 cups of tea of coffee each day and avoid all fizzy drinks.

Get yourself moving and go for a lunchtime walk to stretch and exercise your muscles, ease your back and provide you with a different perspective on life.


If you would like to know more about our healthy eating programmes and how they may boost your business and save you money contact us on 0845 533 5302.


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