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Can I Eat Healthily And Still Eat Chocolate?


Yes of course you can eat healthily and still eat chocolate.  Nurture good habits with chocolate as you do with all of your food.  However, bear in mind that the cheap stuff from the supermarket is high in sugar and high in fat and will not help you to banish cravings or help you to easily maintain a good weight. 

Instead choose the good quality dark chocolate that is high in cocoa solids and lower is sugar and fat.  Good practice is to enjoy just a couple of squares a day and have it at a time you will most enjoy it. 

Did you know that research shows that sugar is as addictive as cocaine? - more here

Have you ever wondered how you get food cravings?  Do you ever get the urge to eat all the biscuits or perhaps once you begin eating you just can't stop.  This video will show you how food affects your brain and how cravings occur - more here


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