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We will bring you up to the minute educational and informative articles and blog posts to inspire you about healthy eating and help you be energised, fit, healthy and productive both in your working and personal life.

  • 11.03.2015

    The Main Offender For High Blood Pressure? The Sweet Stuff.

    Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of premature death in the developed world, with hypertension being the most significant risk factor. More
  • 10.03.2015

    Vending Machines - The Verdict

    Vending machines are essentially part of the furniture when it comes to office space, regularly topped up with chocolate bars, sweets, crisps and fizzy drinks. More
  • 09.03.2015

    Recipe Of The Week - Pork Tenderloin Scallops with Herb Sauce & Cauliflower 'Rice'

    A good choice! You can use any similar-sized protein. The cauliflower rice is so easy and tasty and makes a good accompaniment to many dishes. If necessary, remove the fat and skin from the pork, lightly season and set aside. More
  • 04.03.2015

    National Pack Your Lunch Day – March 10th

    March 10th is National Pack Your Lunch Day, so why not take the opportunity to make a delicious lunch at home ready for work the next day? More
  • 03.03.2015

    Foods to eat in March.

    March is already here, which means one thing - a further variety of foods are no coming well and truly into season! More
  • 02.03.2015

    Recipe Of The Week - Marinated Tofu

    Marinated tofu is brilliant at taking on the flavours of the marinade. Tofu itself is fairly tasteless but once it has soaked up these ingredients it is transformed. This is a great dish for lunch as it is so fast and easy, perfect for a main meal in the evening and one the whole family can enjoy. More
  • 25.02.2015

    Top 8 Foods To Fight Depression

    According to The World Health Organisation, depression is the leading cause of disease burden. With depression can come a feeling of worthlessness, guilt, poor concentration, loss of energy, a loss or increase in appetite and weight, disturbed sleep and anxiety. More
  • 24.02.2015

    The Science Of Junk Food - Part 2

    Welcome to the second segment to The Science Of Junk Food. If you missed the first half last week, simply click here to get up to speed. More
  • 23.02.2015

    Recipe Of The Week - Quinoa, Chicken and Kale Pesto Bowl

    This recipe is indulgent, satisfying, and excellent for your health and wellbeing. The quinoa will keep you full whilst the crunchy veggies and almonds will round it off beautifully. A truly magical experience for your taste buds – trust us! More
  • 18.02.2015

    Lent - What Are You Giving Up & How To Make It Simple February 18th - April 2nd

    Lent is considered to be the most important festival in the Christian calendar, lasting for 40 days, starting on Ash Wednesday, February 18th. During this period, some people fast and others give up certain luxuries. More

How The Healthy Employee meets the NICE Guidelines

The Healthy Employee supports the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence guidelines.


National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) 2006.

  1. The Healthy Employee is a registered NICE stakeholder for 'Workplace Policy and Management Practises to Improve the Health of Employees' - the guidelines for this are due to be available in 2015. As a stakeholder it is our job to feed relevant information and recommendations into the process.
  2. Clinical Guidance 43 - Obesity
  3. Clinical Guidance 6 - Behaviour Change
  4. Public Health Guidance 2 - Four Commonly Used Methods to Increase Physical Activity
  5. Public Health Guidance 13 - Promoting Physical Activity in the Workplace
  6. Public Health Guidance 25 - Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease
  7. Public Health Guidance 35 - Preventing Type 2 Diabetes
  8. Public Health Guidance 41 - Walking and Cycling


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