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Cutting Sugar Completely From Your Diet!


There has been much in the press about reducing sugar from our diets.  Did you know that all processed foods contain sugar?  Also all natural carbohydrates, vegetables, salad vegetables, fruits and grains contain sugar too. 

The real message is to cut out the processed carbohydrates and eat a wide and varied diet of natural carbohydrates.  We need our greens to provide us with fibre and important vitamins to keep us healthy and well, these should not be cut from our diets. 


Going processed food free can be tough however after just three weeks most people have cracked thier dependency.  Remember, sugar affects the same feelgood brain hormones as opiates and this sweet drug is available at every corner. 

Purging sugar can cause significant symptoms; headaches, nausea, fatigue, ediginess, lethargy and mood swings.  The Princeton Neuroscience Institute has been studying signs of sugar addiction in rats for years and has presented new evidence that the brain of lab animals demonstrate withdrawal, craving and relapse - a complete picture addiction.

So if you have/are giving up sugar and have a moment (or two) of weakness remember the benefits; a healthy weight, reduced risk of illness, more physical and mental energy and improved moods.  You will also awaken your palate, allowing new flavours and tastes to come alive. 

If you want to reap the benefits of sugar free living it is to crucial to stay on course.  Never allow yourself to become hungry.  Hunger is the enemy, always carry snacks such as unsalted and unflavoured nuts and seeds, apples, berries, raw coconut or dried coconut pieces, roasted chickpeas or chopped carrot or celery or oat cakes.  Enjoy three good meals each day plus at least two healthy snacks. 

Always plan and organise your food.  Plan your week and stock up on the relevant shopping and plan your day and make sure you take snacks with you.

Oh yes and drink plenty of water and avoid sugar in your tea and coffee too.

A recent study has shown that we would do well to include 7 a day, rather than the governments recommendation of 5 a day into our diets.  We recommend 10-15 a day and have been doing so for years - more here.

If you are kicking the sugar habit and have splurged over Easter our getting back on track article may be of help - more here.

If you would like to more about our healthy eating programmes to help your employees eat well and boost their energy and mood then please contact us on 0845 533 5302 and we will be glad to talk with you.


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