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Exercise At Little Or No Cost


Your body is your most valuable asset and nothing comes even close to the pleasure of feeling fit, full of energy and proud of your shape.

By looking after your body, starting now, you will reap the benefits at 60, 70, 80+ years of age.

Exercise makes you feel good, it helps to change and improve your mindset flooding your system with endorphins, happy hormones.

Reclaim your muscle

Our muscle tone slowly disappears as we age - in fact between 30 and 60 years of age more than 10% of your muscle will disappear if it's not used. Muscle is the underlying structure which creates shape, form and a fast youthful metabolism. This muscle loss gathers speed as we age causing a drop in metabolic rate, so we get quietly fatter and slower. While this is the destiny for most sedentary people it need not be yours. What are you doing today to stay in shape, to maintain your muscle density and enhance your metabolism?

Fit, healthy people have more energy to achieve more. The decision you take now to improve and repair your body towards becoming a leaner, stronger and healthier vehicle for you to get around in, is a commitment and an investment in your future.


What to do



Walking you can do for nothing. Getting yourself out of doors and enjoying the small amount of sunshine (vitamin D) is good for us. Get yourself suitable foot wear and clothing and go for a walk.



Build up to this gradually if you haven’t been a runner for some time. Again it’s a great way to get out of doors and enjoy the fresh air. Wrap up warm and take care of your muscles.



You’ve all seen the amount of dance programmes on TV over the last couple of years. Well dancing is a great way to exercise and it’s highly sociable too. Find yourself a local class, anything from ballroom to salsa – enjoy.



Visit your local leisure centre for relatively low cost, good all round exercise. They have sessions for all requirements.



Again your local leisure centre holds classes at relatively low cost. There are usually a myriad of different things on offer from yoga to pilates to step classes. Take your choice.


To get the best from your exercise both physically and mentally you must embark on different types of exercise regularly. Chop and change what you do. This will keep your muscles guessing and keep your fitness level increasing and prevent boredom.


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