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Fabulous Energy Boosters


Feeling tired all the time?

Can’t seem to get yourself going in the morning and desperate to flop into bed at night?

Follow these few simple tweaks to your daily eating habits and double your energy levels in just five days!



Eat at least two low GI meals a day

Many of the carbohydrate based foods that we eat on a daily basis such as breads, pasta, rice, cereals, cakes and biscuits are highly processed, refined and lacking in their natural fibre therefore, once eaten, they are broken down very quickly causing our blood sugars to surge. These surges are followed by a sudden drop leaving us feeling tired, lethargic and lacking in concentration. 

Research shows that swapping fast releasing, high GI, foods for lower GI alternatives such as wholegrain cereals, rye bread, wild or basmati rice, beans, pulses and fresh fruit and vegetables is an excellent way to significantly increase your energy.

This is because they are packed with energy boosting B vitamins and they also release their sugars into your blood stream at a more constant pace throughout the day.

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