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Festive Weight Loss Tips


As the nights draw in and Autumn days develop a Winter chill, we may feel it’s harder to maintain a vibrant healthy weight let alone lose any unwanted pounds – especially over the Christmas period.


Take heart! A little attention to developing and keeping a few good habits will work wonders for your motivation and your body weight.



Here are 15 top tips for staying in shape at this time of year.


Keep your energy levels buoyant and consistent

1. Eat three meals plus two healthy snacks daily and remember the all important water, approximately 1.5 litres.

2. Give up bread because the sugar rush this gives us just makes us tired. Replace your lunchtime sandwich with a winter salad packed full of vitamins and nutrients.

3. Eat chocolate and sweets in very small amounts, they have the same effect on our systems as bread and only make us tired and induce cravings.

4. Know your week and plan accordingly. If party food is unavoidable on Friday and Saturday then give your system a treat and make up for it on Sunday and Monday with plenty of vegetables, lean meat and fish.

5. Replace alternate cups of tea or coffee with fruit or herbal tea or water. Try slicing a little ginger root into a mug and pouring on hot water for a warming, zingy drink.


Be aware of how much you’re actually eating

6. At Christmas time there is loads of food around the house and piles of it in the fridge – the yummy remains of a roast dinner, cold roast potatoes, trifle, chocolate pudding, cheese and everything else you can imagine. It’s so easy to pop something in your mouth every time you open the fridge door! Avoid eating leftovers at all costs unless they genuinely make up part of your meal. So simply eat at mealtimes and avoid grazing.

7. We humans also love to have choice so we will pile our plates with a bit of this and a bit of that and we can easily eat much more than usual just because it is there in front of us. Use a smaller plate, especially for buffet style meals, and enjoy the choice but in smaller portions!

8. At parties avoid overindulging in nibbles and canapés – just have a couple and consciously enjoy them. It’s easy to get carried away, especially when easing the food down with a couple of drinks.

9. And it’s not just about quantity because although they may look like itty bitty little things they are often mainly carbohydrate and fat. If you are making your own canapés, use some healthy recipes such as pieces of celery stuffed with mashed cottage cheese and herbs.

10. Christmas can be an emotional and stressful time. Are you feeling really happy and eat to celebrate or are you feeling unhappy or sad and eat to commiserate or for comfort? Break the habit and re-train yourself to do something else so that you no longer link food with emotions or stress.


Enjoy your alcohol

11. If you enjoy an alcoholic drink, there’s no need to totally deny yourself! Having one or two drinks is fine and choose drier wines with less sugar. Champagne is also a fantastic option with its celebratory fizz and, because of the sparkle, we tend to sip it and savour it so one glass lasts longer!

12. During pre-Christmas drinks parties enjoy just one or two glasses of wine then move on to water. When Christmas finally arrives you will still feel fresh and able to fully enjoy a glass or two.


Keep your weight in hand

13. Keep a positive mindset and believe you will keep to your weight plan. Be organised and in control of your food, feel good about yourself and your weight.

14. If you have some over indulgence days, keep upbeat and return to a balanced diet for a period to even things out.

15. Weigh yourself at the same time, in the same clothes , on the same set of scales each week and if you see a couple of pounds creeping on do something about it at once before it gets out of hand. It’s much easier to manage a couple of pounds on a weekly basis than be faced with an extra 10 pounds in January.


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