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Five Food Fixes That Help Improve Performance In The Workplace


According to the NHS up to 50% of people in the workplace admit to feeling tired and lethargic at some stage during their working day. 

Tiredness and lethargy has a negative impact on performance and with time equalling money ideally you want the most from your employees at work.



The employee has a responsibility to take care of him or herself and ensure they do all within their power to fend off the downtimes.  Likewise the employer has a responsibility to the bottom line of the business.  By providing employees with relevant, helpful information the employer can help protect the company profits by helping the employees lead a healthier lifestyle that will impact positively on their workplace performance.

We know that eating a healthy diet helps to improve energy, improve focus and concentration, ease tiredness and here are our five food fixes that can help improve employee performance in the workplace.


  • Sugary breakfasts, such as processed cereals, pastries, muffins and toast with sugary spreads, will give you a quick surge of energy as your blood sugar peaks. But your sugar levels will slump just as quickly a couple of hours later. The result? You crash as you run out of energy.

Solution: to get a steady release of energy all morning long, eat a breakfast that’s based on unrefined starch. For example, home-made porridge with semi-skimmed milk and a little honey, or natural yoghurt and fruit or a cooked breakfast of eggs, bacon, 85% protein sausage (or greater) with grilled tomatoes or mushrooms.


  • Crash dieting makes you tired

If you have people working in the business who you know are trying to lose weight then helpful dieting information will be of use.

While it will boost energy to lose excess weight, going on a crash diet isn’t helpful. Very low calorie diets, especially ones that give you less than 850 calories a day, will make you feel even more tired and can damage your health in other ways.There is a trend for the 5/2 diet currently. This is eating normally for 5 days followed by a VLCD for 2 days. Unfortunately this promotes tiredness because the individual runs out of energy quite literally and this way of eating also encourages the consumption of junk food.

Solution: lose weight by eating healthily, cutting out junk and sugary foods and reducing your portion size.


  • Consume water. Drink at least 2 litres of water each day as this boosts brain performance by 14%.


  • Eat regularly. For most people this is three meals plus two snacks each day. Why? Because this provides the brain with the fuel it needs to focus and concentrate. Try this – next time you feel tired in the middle of the afternoon ask yourself if it is a physical (body) tiredness or if it is a mental tiredness. The chances are the tiredness is mental. Our brains use up a high % of fuel and need refuelling regularly to perform at their peak throughout the day.


  • Move. Get out of your office chair, get out from behind the wheel of the car regularly. Take regular mini breaks and move your body. Take a five minute brisk walk, move the blood, wake up the system, get the endorphins going and improve your mood, mindset and concentration. Take five minutes every hour to move your body briskly and improve your energy.


If you would like to know more about our healthy eating solutions for business please call 0845 533 5302.

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