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How Important Is Fitting Breakfast Into Your Busy Lifestyle?


According to a recent study, skipping breakfast is not only unhealthy, but also has links to diabetes, obesity and even having the common cold.

The US researchers conducting this study found that men who do not eat breakfast are 27% more likely to suffer a heart attack or heart disease. Researchers stated that by missing 1 in 3 meals, it puts an ‘extra strain on the body’.




Contrastingly, Dr Susan Jebb, head of diet and population health at the Medical Research Council states that, ‘There is nothing magical about breakfast that makes it particularly important to health. I suspect you’d get the same risks – such as weight gain – with skipping lunch or dinner, but it’s a less common behaviour, so people don’t study it.’

However, others would dispute this, highlighting the fact that our metabolic rate needs a ‘kick start’ in the morning, which would happen when we eat breakfast.

10% of the population can blame a lack of appetite in the morning on their genes, having genes that mean that their ‘body clocks are set a little slower’. However, approximately 30% of us skip breakfast. Another contributing factor for missing your first meal of the day is simply not having enough time. Your lifestyle

If you fall into this 30% of people, our advice is not to force yourself to have breakfast first thing in the morning or squeeze it into a routine that you have timed down to the minute.

Ideally you need to be eating 3 main meals and 2 snacks per day. Never leave more than 5 hours without eating a snack or meal. However, you can have these meals or snacks whenever suits you, your appetite and your busy lifestyle. For instance, if you are one of those people who really struggle to eat first thing or have no time to sit at the kitchen table, just simply have one of your 3 snacks, just something to ‘stoke your engine’. Then once you’re at work and have settled into your day, you can have your breakfast then.


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