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How To Boost Your Energy And Clear Your Head


When your energy flags in the workplace pick yourself up by getting yourself moving. Here a few ideas which will help lift your energy and clear your head.







1. Stand up and stretch. Stand with your feet hip width apart and reach your arms and hands way over your head as high as they will go, coming up onto your toes. This is not a passive stretch so requires you to put effort in. Reach as high as you can then bring your arms back down to your sides and drop back onto the balls and heels of your feet. Repeat this X 3. This movement will help to awaken the body and ease out tired and stiff muscles.

2. Stand up from your desk and take yourself for a walk around the office stopping by the water dispenser on the way. This will help you to get the blood flowing again and a little rehydration never hurt anyone.

3. At lunchtime take yourself out of the office. Go for a walk around your local park if there is one handy or simply walk the circuit around the office. Make sure you stride out, swinging your arms. Wear comfortable foot wear.

4. At break time walk up and down the stairs, do this repeatedly for at least five minutes to get those muscles moving and the blood flowing.

5. Without leaving your desk stretch your legs out in front of you and rotate your feet. 5 circles one way and five back the other. Repeat this X3. Get the blood pumping back up your legs, encouraging your heart to work.

6. Without leaving your desk, stand up from your chair and then sit back down, do not use your hands to help push yourself up. Repeat this exercise X10. Work those thighs.

7. If you sit all day at your computer you most probably get stiff across the shoulders and eck area. Sit up straight in your chair, lift your shoulders as high as you can to your ears and then drop them down as low as you can again this is not a passive exercise. Repeat X10

8. For all day computer sitters. Sit upright in your chair arms by your sides then circle your shoulders, make the circles as big as possible. First one way X5 then reverse.

9. Avoid all processed foods, avoid the plastic sandwich and the biscuit with the tea break. These will only rob you of precious energy.

10. Eat only natural foods, take your own wraps for lunchtime, you will feel good both energy wise and cash wise, saving yourself a small fortune at the end of the week.

11. Drink plenty of water and limit yourself to a couple of cups of tea or coffee per day. Caffiene robs you of energy, sabotages your weight loss and dehydrates you, drink it sparingly.

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