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Interview With Sharyn Singer - Our Expert In Nutrition For Children With Top Tips For Child Friendly Veg


Sharyn Singer - Expert coach at The Healthy Employee online healthy eating programme

Sharyn Singer practices as a Naturopath in the UK and US encouraging optimal health and wellbeing through healthy eating, lifestyle and the wisdom of naturopathic and scientific principles.

Sharyn is one of our nutrition experts and is featured on our ‘panel of experts’ for our online healthy eating programme and advises on healthy eating for children – more here 

Sharyn teaches nutrition in various educational institutions for adults and children, offers natural cooking classes and consults on wholesome menu planning and specialised recipe development internationally.


In particular, she is dedicated to promoting and improving healthy attitudes to food throughout life, starting with very young children.  Her children’s book and educational project ‘Eat A Rainbow Every Day’ encourages children to grow, cook and eat a rainbow of vegetables and fruit in imaginative, fun ways.

Here are Sharyn’s top tips to help you encourage your little ones to eat their veggies and really enjoy them.

Top tips

  • Offer kids they’re veggies 10 – 12 times in different ways – don’t make a fuss but do it again and again and again.   For example; courgette, sliced, grated, make a pancake, dust in oatmeal and sauté in oil orsauté with tomatoes and basil, garlic and olive oil.
  • Colours - focus on all the colours of the rainbow.  Foods have many colours, think red peppers, purple aubergine, bright green mange tout - get the kids to talk about and choose fresh fruit and veggies that have plenty of colour.
  • Get the children involved  - get the kids involved in food preparation – mixing foods, putting their fingers in, breaking up ingredients and also setting the table, looking up recipes, choosing items in the supermarket.
  • Textures – choose foods with different textures, textures are very important  – crunchy, crispy, soft, hard – nothing worse than a big bowl of mushy food.
  • Tastes – children have very sensitive tastebuds and some food is too bitter for the when they are young for example broccoli and sprouts .  To make these foods acceptable to kids make a combo of sweet potatoess and broccoli/sprouts or carrots and broccoli/sprouts.  Adding sweet pots or carrots makes the food sweeter to taste.   Simply mash them up together using a potato masher or a fork.


Broccoli recipe

This is taken from Heston Blumenthals recipe for broccoli. 

Simply  break up the broccoli into florets, place in a saucepan and add a little olive oil.  Toss it around and cover for 2 mins to cook.  The broccoli will begin to steam.   Take lid off and add butter, cook for 2 mins then and add garlic, cook for a further two minutes and serve.  Delicious for the children and grown ups too.


A few words from Sarah, mother of 2

‘I have been using the book and sticker chart (Eat a Rainbow Every Day) with my family since Monday and my kids LOVE it!! We enjoyed shopping for some new vegetables (they love weighing them and printing the barcodes!). They really like the stickers and chart, especially the fairy ones! My husband and I thought of a new recipe last night we had aubergines stuffed with chicken, courgette, carrots, onions, herbs etc...with a bit of bacon and cheese on top. It was delicious. I don't think we've ever eaten aubergine together before!! The kids thought it looked like pizza! It's given us all the impetus to try new things, get creative and explore different foods. My kids do get involved in cooking and laying the table sometimes but having new vegetables to try has renewed all of our enthusiasm. I never thought I'd hear my incredibly picky son say "I love courgette". Amazing!!! Thank you Sharyn for such a wonderful resource.’ Sarah, mother of 2

Sharyn Singer - Registered Nurse R.N. (USA) Associate Degree in Applied Sciences, Naturopathic Diploma N.D. from the London College Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences (LCNM), qualified 1996, Kinesiology Diploma - Classical Institute of Kinesiology, qualified 2000 (UK)

To read more about Sharyn and her inspirational teaching please - go here

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