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National Anger Awareness Week 1-7 December


We are often hijacked by our emotions and feelings, which can cause huge amounts of damage to our health and wellbeing. One way in which many of us cope is through comfort eating, which can go on to further damage our health, both mentally and physically.

A number of our services serve as a perfect solution when it comes to keeping on top of your hidden health statistics such as blood pressure, and cholesterol. But they will also arm you with the knowledge of the food choices you can make to boost and stabilise your mood.



Our Workshops are powerful and motivating. We inspire with hard-hitting facts and solutions to modern day challenges. We offer a range of 10 Workshops, but recommend the following for an emotional boost:

Stress, Anxiety and Resilience – How To Boost Your Mood

  • We reveal how foods can alter your mood and brain chemistry
  • The best foods that can help to boost your mood
  • Simple, effective and lasting dietary changes


Health Assessments

The Healthy Employee Health Assessments offer an insight and opportunity for employees to discover their blood pressure and cholesterol levels. These statistics can be increased through extreme emotions such as anger and anxiety.


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