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National Get On The Scales Day - 29th Dec


Just after Christmas is undoubtedly the time of year that you will least want to step onto a set of scales. But that may be what makes it the perfect time. After perhaps consuming a much higher amount of food than usual, it is likely that you will be feeling heavy and sluggish. However, this can easily be short-term, and if reigned in quickly after the festive season, any damage can quickly be rectified. 

The average person takes approximately 4 months to lose the weight they gained throughout Christmas. This could be the beginning of a steady weight gain over a number of years, leading to an increased risk of long-term and chronic health conditions. 

Excessive weight gain doesn’t need to come hand-in-hand with celebrations, as you can indulge mindfully in your favourite meals whilst eating sensibly for the remainder of the season, this will likely lead to incremental weight gain, which will be quicker and easier to lose in January.

Stepping onto the scales on 29th December may seem like a daunting and miserable task, but instigating this annual occurrence is likely to remind you that everything is best taken in moderation. If this is something that has perhaps slipped your mind over the last few days, it gives you the perfect opportunity to take charge of your weight before January, when let’s face it, everything feels like an uphill battle. 


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