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Silly Dieting Rules!


I was interested to read a piece written by A. A. Gill in The Sunday Times last week. 

Did you read it by any chance? The piece was a frustrated backlash to all the faddy diets and media hype and hoo-haa prevailing at this time of year. In it he talks about the dark side of dieting; the pressure to be perfect and the ridiculous body goals aimed particularly at women. 




Starvation diets

Every year during January and early February the media is full of rubbish, quick fix, 'eat this and you'll be slim forever' type unsustainable, impossible diets. I mean seriously, who is ever going to continue with the silly starvation diets, that are the 5:2 and 4:3? You can't fool us, we know that the days when you eat normally are packed with junk and include KFC, McDonalds, fizzy drinks, sweets, chocs and biscuits from dawn til dusk. For more info on junk food read is sugar as addictive as cocaine.

A. A. Gills' diet

Sadly, A. A. Gills' approach to weight loss is just as misguided. He suggests that to remain slim you must; always eat at a table that is set for a meal, always eat with a knife and fork (difficult when it's soup for lunch), never eat standing up (does he not realise there are busy people on-the-go out there and they don't always have the luxury of sitting down to eat!), never eat with a screen on in the same room (come on now get real!), all meals except breakfast should have more than one course, never eat from plastic, paper or cardboard, never eat in a car!

Our favourite suggestion from him was this; none of the above rules applies to eating either naked or in bed-as long as there's someone else present.

We know he was jesting with his 10 rules....wasn't he!

Do you want to eat more healthily?  Then you may like to read the secret to unlocking a healthy new you this year, we promise you will find only sensible, down-to-earth advice.

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