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Springclean Your Employees Lifestyles!


Companies have one focus - to create value. How value is defined depends on the type of organisation. 

However, one part of value creation remains the same – it is delivered through people.




The Problem

People need maintenance just like the fixed assets across your business. Just like the other assets, without maintenance their energy levels drop, productivity reduces and value creation becomes even harder. If people are truly your greatest asset then it makes sense this spring to freshen up their lifestyle and keep them as healthy as possible.


The Need

Unhealthy lifestyle habits from stress related eating combined with the pressure of balancing your career and a happy family life can creep into any team. Companies need a quick, easy way of helping the team to spring clean their life and return their teams to top performance.


The Solution

The Healthy Employee offers a four-step plan that is proven to help senior executives and teams spring clean their lifestyle. It can be delivered in lunch n learn sessions, training programmes or as individual tailored executive coaching sessions.


How it Works

  •  It doesn’t prescribe a plan; it describes a healthy strategy.
  •  It is created for business people whose work can lead to unhealthy habits.
  •  It isn’t just the right thing to do; it is financially the right thing to do with companies seeing up to 57% increase in shareholder value for this type of wellness programme. (Ceridian research).


Spring Cleaning a lifestyle is even more important during an age of austerity. It sweeps away the blocks to healthy employees and allows your team to ‘blossom’ for the rest of the financial year.

So to put a step into your teams give us a call on 0845 533 5302 today for your free introductory session to assess your corporate health.

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