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The Foods, Drinks And Habits That Are Making You Feel Sluggish


Food is your fuel and can therefore enable you to be at your most alert, or alternatively, make you feel sluggish and lethargic. Here are a few things you should avoid if staying awake and alert throughout the day is a challenge.





1. Ensure that you consume your 3 main meals and 2 snacks everyday, but also be sure to eat these spaced evenly throughout the day. You blood sugar levels begin to drop in a matter of just 2 hours, so keeping your engine stoked throughout the day is essential for you to feel at your best.


2. Simple carbohydrates

Foods such as pasta, white bread, rice, potatoes are digested quickly and therefore spike your blood sugar levels. This gives you a well-needed energy boost but very quickly follows with an energy crash. These foods are referred to as ‘high glycaemic index’ foods, which are renowned for leaving you feel sluggish, bloated and tired.


3. Fried foods and fat

Foods high in fat such as cheese, meats with a high fat content and crisps to name just a few are forcing your digestive system to work harder than usual. This robs you of vital energy you need to be feeling at your best and most productive.


4. Sugary foods and drinks

Food such as cake, biscuits, milk or white chocolate and fizzy drinks are high in sugar and cause your body to undertake a long chain of chemical events that culminate in you feeling lethargic. The refined sugar in these products raises your blood sugar, enabling your body to release insulin, which in turn triggers the production of tryptophan, finally converting to serotonin. Serotonin is the chemical that tells your brain that you are tired and need to slow down. Not ideal when you are tied to a deadline and have an afternoon of work ahead!


5. Processed foods

Processed foods such as ready meals, canned foods and soups, sauces and condiments are often laden with salt and sugar, and also preservative. These preservatives are more difficult for our bodies to digest rather than home cooked foods. This forces our digestive systems to work over time, once again draining us of that much needed energy we need to get through the day.


6. Caffeine

We often consume several cups of tea or coffee throughout the working day, fully expecting our maintained high caffeine levels to keep us alert. However, our bodies are very clever in that they recognise the steady consumption of caffeine and become immune to it. Instead of perking us up, drinking cup after cup of tea or coffee can in fact have the opposite affect, reducing our stamina throughout the day. 


Follow this link to discover 5 foods that will improve your performance and decrease your lethargy.


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