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The Thai Eating Out Guide


Below you will see our extensive ‘eating out’ guide. This is simply a rough guide as to which meal choices are to be avoided, savoured, or indulged in. We have concentrated on starters, mains and side dishes. This is because if you are choosing to have 2 courses, you should choose starter and main, rather than dessert. Sides can also be helpful in bulking out a main course with extra veggies and salad. 

Thai food is often very flavoursome without too many 'baddies' involved. Just beware of starter nibbles as they can be deep fried, and avoid dipping sauces as they are often high in sugar. 






- Satay chicken

- Spring rolls

- Thai fish cake

- Tom Yum (soup flavoured with lemon grass, chilli galangal and mushrooms)

- Grilled jumbo prawns


- Avoid sweet & sour sauce

- Avoid anything battered

- Pork, beef or duck stir fry

- Pork, beef or duck curry

Chicken, prawn or turkey stir fries

Chicken, prawn or turkey curries


- Prawn crackers

- Sweet chilli sauce

- Fried rice

- Pad thai (noodles with chicken, egg & peanuts)

- Coconut rice

- Steamed rice

- Pad si-eiw (noodles with veg, egg & soy sauce)

- Stir fried vegetables

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