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We Challenge You To Give Up Meat For One Day A Week!


The amount of meat we consume has quadrupled in the last 50 years – most of us see a meal without meat as not a full meal. But this isn’t the case.

Here, we’ll explain why you should replace meat with other foods for just one day a week and how you can do it.



For your planet:

If you were to give up meat for one day a week for an entire year, your carbon emissions would reduce to the same amount as if you were to not drive your car for an entire month – scary huh?

Research has shown that a third of our planet is used solely for the purpose of livestock and feed production. But fast forward 30 years, when the worlds' population is estimated to reach 9 billion people, it doesn’t take rocket science to work out that we will run out of space. In fact, we’d have run out of space long ago if the rest of the world consumed as much meat as we do in the west. 4-5 more planets of space would just about cover it…

Scary fact: Every single hour, an area the size of 100 football pitches is cut down in the Amazon rainforest to make space for grazing cattle.

And of course, eating less meat is for a compassionate cause. Over 60 billion animal are farmed and killed each year for our consumption, most of which are raised in overcrowded and uncomfortable conditions.


For your health:

A study from Oxford University has shown that 45,000 lives a year would be saved in the UK, simply by reduction of meat consumption.

Reduce your cancer risk:

There has been much research into the increased risk of certain cancers if red meat or processed meat is consumed. We are regularly advised that we should only have red meat rarely and avoid processed meat altogether. It has also been shown that a diet rich in fruit and veg decreases our risk of certain cancers. It seems like a bit of a no-brainer!

Reduce obesity likelihood:

Studies have shown that people who eat a diet rich in plant-based products tend to have a lower body weight. This is suspected to be due to the fact that plant-based ingredients are rich in fibre, whereas animal products are not. Fibre allows you to feel fuller and more satisfied for longer, therefore reducing the likelihood of overeating.

Fight diabetes:

Research has shown that a diet rich in plant-based food will reduce your risk of developing type-2 diabetes.

Gain nutritional quality in your diet:

By taking the meat out of your diet for one day a week, you will have to replace this with another protein source such as beans or peas. Plant based protein sources are far more beneficial to your health, being richer in fibre, protein, iron, zinc, magnesium and folate than animal based products.

Reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke:

Fruit, vegetables and whole grains have been shown to reduce your likelihood of cardiovascular disease. One study has found that by adding an extra 2 ½ more servings of whole grains to your diet each day will reduce your risk of a stroke or heart disease by 21%!


For your bank balance:

NHS costs relating to obesity are continuing to rise at an alarming rate. As we have explained the health benefits relating to cutting down our meat consumption, so then will the health care costs that are spent on those with ailing health that are related to preventable diseases.

By replacing meat with vegetables, grains and beans, even if it is just once a week, this will reduce your shopping spend, even if only by a fraction as these ingredients are significantly cheaper than a large joint of meat.


With so many of us using a meat product as the centre of each meal, you may be thinking, what do I replace it with?

There are loads of great vegetarian options available out there. Soy comes in many different forms, including burgers, sausages and bacon, there’s also tofu (but go for firm or extra form instead of soft). Why not try tempeh or soybeans as another alternative? Don’t forget that yoghurt also contains plenty of protein, but be sure to go for natural yoghurt specifically to cut down on the unnescecary sugar.

Many meals can also be conjured up using plenty of veg. Dishes that work particularly well are soups, stews and curries. There are plenty of vegetables that are loaded with protein and fibre, keeping you full until your next meal.


So there is the why and how to go meat free for just one day a week! Perhaps you could have some friendly competition within the office? Who has managed to stick by their meat free day? What tips can you get from them? Are there any delicious recipes you’re missing out on? Giving up meat for just 24 hours every week can be positive, healthy, financially beneficial and a meaningful contribution to your planet’s future!


Why not check out our food checklist for all you need to know on what foods are good and what aren’t so good? This will help you when deciding what to combine to make your delicious meat free meals.

Perhaps you haven’t got time to go through our food checklist? We have a huge range of vegetarian recipes right here for your disposal. Click here to view the lot!

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