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What Is In My Food? Part 3


Food nutrition labels and packaging contain a number of statements that could be misinterpreted or simply misunderstood. 

Over the next few weeks, we will be decoding these statements so that you know exactly what you're buying and eating.

In part 3, we are focussing on the statement 'Light/Lite'..        





What this means:

In order for a product to advertise itself as 'Light' or 'Lite', it legally has to be 30 per cent or lower in at least one typical value, for example fat or sugar than standard products.     


Making it healthy:

Eating a 'light' or 'lite' food product is something that is highly processed and will therefore compromise your health and wellbeing. If you were to eat real foods, cooked freshly and from scratch, you will be able to eat a lot more and feel far more satisfied for a lot longer.   


Be aware:

The likelihood is that a 'light' or 'lite' product will have a low fat content, but a high amount of sugar in order to compensate - therefore rendering the good intentions somewhat redundant.


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