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Why You Should Eat Seasonal Fruit & Veg


Due to the growth of supermarkets, the link between fruit and veg that are in season and those that aren’t has become somewhat blurred. We are presented with an array of the very local to the most exotic, regardless of the time of year, making it difficult to eat with the best intentions.

Here is why you should eat produce that is in season, and the fruits and veg you should buy this Winter.



“Those who shop and cook in harmony with the seasons will get immeasurably more pleasure and satisfaction from their foods than those who don’t.” – Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstal, back-to-nature chef


It makes environmental sense:

When food isn’t in season, it needs to be grown elsewhere and shipped in via boat, plane, lorry etc. The emissions only affect our atmosphere in a negative way and should be avoided where possible.


It’s kinder to your bank balance:

When a fruit or vegetable is in season, there is more of it available. It is basic supply and demand, the more there is, usually the lower the price.


You’ll experience variety & better nutrition:

Keeping an eye out for which fruits and veg are within season when composing your shopping list ensures that you consume a variety of nutrients. Maria Griffiths, a spokesperson from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition states, “You get a completely changeable diet that is so much more beneficial than sticking to the same things again and again.” It is also believed that if you are consuming fruit and veg that is within season, it will be travelling a lesser distance and will therefore retain a greater amount of nutritional value.


Everything will taste better:

It’s obvious that every fruit and vegetable has a prime time of year when it’s at its best - some for the majority of the year, others only for a month. However, when a specific fruit or veg is not in season, it is either grown in a hothouse or shipped from a far-flung destination – both of these techniques negatively affecting the products taste. When food is transported a long distance, it needs to be harvested early in order to avoid it rotting through transportation, meaning that your fruit and veg was unable to fully ripen and therefore hasn’t developed its full flavour.


By planning your food shopping and recipes around fruit and veg that are in season, you are making smart financial and economic choices, having tastier meals and gaining a greater amount of nutrition from your day-to-day food enabling you to feel and perform at your best.


Check out the fruits and veg below to start planning your meals for the coming months!


Apples            Beetroot            Brussels Sprouts            Cabbage   

Celery            Celeriac             Leeks                         Pak Choi  

Parsnip           Pomegranate     Runner Beans                Sweet Potato  


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