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Modern lifestyles are relentlessly stressful. Are you always tired? Often irritable? Do you find it difficult to concentrate, crave salt or sugar and have problems with your digestion? And just how many coughs and colds have you had this year?


Do you recognise these telltale signs in yourself?

  • Tired for no reason?
  • Having trouble getting up in the morning?
  • Need coffee, colas, salty or sweet snacks to keep going?
  • Feeling run down and stressed?
  • Crave salty or sweet snacks?
  • Struggling to keep up with life's daily demands?
  • Can't bounce back from stress or illness?
  • Not having fun any more?
  • Decreased sex drive?


If this list of random, seemingly unconnected telltale ailments feels familiar, perhaps you are suffering from the consequences of the western diet! Is it time to make some positive lifestyle changes and learn how to make simple, effective and sustainable dietary adjustments that will have you bouncing back to peak performance and feeling like your old self in no time?

The Healthy Employee 1-2-1 programmes play a positive role which includes education, engagement, enablement and motivation to help you be at your best.


The Healthy Employee 1-2-1 programmes 

These programmes are the most effective in helping you address challenges and become the best you can be. 

Choose from -

  • 6, 8, 10 or 12 week programmes (all conducted by phone/skype/facetime by our expert coaches)

To include: 

  • induction call + weekly catch-up calls
  • 24/7 text & email support
  • Full support materials
  • Daily Fix email – top tips, tricks & recipes in inboxes daily


How to promote your 1-2-1 Programmes to build a strong culture of wellbeing:

Our aim is to support you to promote and administer the 1-2-1 programmes successfully and with ease.

When you confirm your booking you can benefit from the following:

  • Communications to launch the 1-2-1 Programmes by email, intranet  and colour posters





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