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"I'm a stone lighter and a dress size smaller. I'm fitter, healthier and happier. " MT Oxfordshire

Alison Penfold - The programme is so easy to do, much easier than I imagined it would be.



Alison Penfold is a receptionist and facilities coordinator with SCC in Bracknell. She joined out 8 week fit and healthy woman programme in order to feel fitter and healthier, and to ease her Rheumatoid Arthritis. 

Below is how she got on..

“I decided to go ahead with the 8 week fit and healthy woman programme because I wanted to get healthier and fitter to ease my condition of Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was diagnosed in August 2013 and I know that food can have an impact and I wanted to identify some of the trigger foods to help reduce the pain and severity of the flare-ups. I am keen to do all I can to make this easier because it can be very painful and has already impacted on my lifestyle.   

Before I began the programme I was a terrible eater, a picky eater and the biggest chocoholic I ever knew and I felt my diet was getting worse and worse and worse.    

8 weeks later and I now understand how to choose my food more wisely and how important each meal is. Previously I would have skipped meals and healthy snacks for high sugar high fat foods. Sometimes I would have eaten a huge lunch and felt bloated, uncomfortable and sluggish for the rest of the afternoon.

Now I have learnt which foods will give me energy and help me to feel good, I no longer feel bloated after a meal. I learnt a great deal about the sugar and fat content of foods and still haven’t eaten chocolate, bread or crisps since I began the programme.

The biggest changes are eating a lot more fresh foods; fruits, vegetables and real meat. I no longer eat processed foods of any kind but stick with fresh produce. And I am always promoting it to everyone else. 

I will keep healthy eating as part of my lifestyle. I now buy all fresh produce when I visit the supermarket and also online. 

Generally I have felt more awake and not been so tired and I no longer get the afternoon slump. My Rheumatoid Arthritis is improved when I take alcohol out of my diet – I am still working on this! Although I have cut down and intend to cut down further yet. My son has started eating healthily, something I thought would never happen, and I encourage friends and family to eat healthily too. 

I have spoken to my parents about my healthy eating habits and when I next visit them I will be taking my food planner with me and showing them a healthy diet. My dad is amazed at my transformation.

I would recommend this healthy eating programme and healthy lifestyle to friends, family and colleagues because the foods keep me awake and feeling fine. If a change of diet can have this effect on me then I am sure it can have a positive effect on others too.

I am pleased that I did programme otherwise I would still be eating rubbish. The programme is so easy to do, much easier than I imagined it would be. 

Now the thought of eating a McDonald’s burger turns my stomach. Interestingly, especially for a chocoholic, I still have a bar of chocolate in my top drawer from prior to beginning the programme. I think I will leave it there just to prove to myself how far I have come over the last few weeks.”


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