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"I have lost a total of 29lbs, that’s a further 6lbs since I have finished the programme.   Recently I have been to Burton’s and bought myself a fitted shirt for the first time in ages and this has helped me to feel good about myself and grow in confidence. " Mathew Thackray, Construction Worker

Catalin Diaconu - Now I feel alive..

Catalin is a Security and Audio Visual Quotations Analyst for SCC. 

I was always feeling tired even first thing in the morning after waking and there were times in the day between 11am and noon and again between 5pm and 6pm when I felt sleepy. After eating I felt uncomfortable and felt like going to sleep. Eating almost felt hard to do.

I wanted to take part in the programme because I wanted to feel energised. I wanted a better and improved comfort zone, a better place for me to be in both mentally and physically. I wanted to feel more comfortable. 

Now I feel alive, I no longer feel exhausted and want to go to sleep most of the time. Instead I feel energetic. 

“Once you gain this mood, this good feeling, you feel like you want to give this information to other people. You hear other people talking about how tired they are and you want to fix it.” 

Once you feel good you want to see other people having a better day and feeling better. Feeling this good has spurred me on to continue my healthy eating. I want this feeling to continue.

I am happy that I’ve learned new things. I have learned how to prepare meals, what a balanced meal is and what a day of balanced meals looks like. Now the snowball aspect is happening; once you grow you want to grow higher and higher and higher.

I would 100% recommend the programme to others.


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