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"Anna Mason was amazing. She took time to explain the science behind why we feel the way we do when we eat certain things which has really stayed with me and helps me make better choices. If someone is new to healthy eating, she would provide them with some really helpful tips to kick-start a healthier lifestyle. " Head Office Employee, The Coventry Building Society

Food and Exercise Diary

Power Up & Motivate With Positive Nutrition focuses on real foods, the foods that our grandparents used to eat - real fruit, vegetables and protein. It's time to reconnect with real food both as a pleasure and as your personal fuel and to ditch the processed foods for good. Your Power Up & Motivate programme requires you to keep a record of all you consume to help you make your new and healthier eating habits stick and become your lifestyle.

Your food and exercise diary requires you to record the foods and drinks you consume the old fashioned way by writing them down or typing them in. This is because we are taking you back to 'old fashioned' foods and therefore unlike some food diaries, journals or Apps where you can locate the product and include it within your daily consumption, there will be no processed products to search for.








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