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"I am a 49 year old Director of a Consultancy Company who spends a large amount of his time entertaining clients. Anna appealed to my logic concerning food. Over the 8 week period I lost a stone and 2 months on, I am still at my target weight. In addition I appear to have more energy than before. " MWS London

How Claire lost 14lbs in 8 weeks with us after years of failed weight loss programmes





Claire Thompson is a busy working mum who has tried several weight loss programmes in the past, none of which have been successful in the long term. Fed up with counting points and syns and not being able to eat what the rest of the family eats, Claire decided to work with us to lose weight and introduce healthy eating into both her life and that of her family. Claire has successfully lost 14lbs in 8 weeks and now intends to continue to lose the remaining few extra pounds on her own because she feels empowered with knowledge and education that will help her to continue to lose excess weight successfully.



Our Employee Nutrition Services are a workplace essential for boosting energy and performance. To find out more please call Anna on 07778 218009 for an informal conversation. 

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