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"I have realised that people just make excuses not to get healthier and I would say to anyone just do it and then tell me how hard it was! Because it genuinely is not hard, we just like to throw obstacles in our own way.  " Natalie Wilford

Jayne Beresford - this is something you will have for the rest of your life..

A number of people at work were offered the opportunity to take part in a one to one healthy eating programme. I decided to take part in the programme because I am disabled through a number of unseen disabilities including a serious blood disorder, arthritis and chronic asthma. 


This means I am often in a lot of pain and have problems sleeping. I wanted to take charge and control of aspects of my health that I can influence because I was underweight and constantly exhausted. I am now a healthy weight with much more energy that has a positive effect on all aspects of my life including reducing my downtime at work. 

Like most of us, I knew what I should be eating but I needed some support to provide me with the impetus to make the necessary changes to my diet. Since I was last ill in March /April of this year I haven’t had any time off work. I take a lot of medications that upset my stomach, and I have avoided stomach upsets since I began this programme. It makes sense that the foods I now eat are kinder to my stomach and this works well with my medications. 

I have achieved my goals which were –

  • To gain weight
  • Eat healthily
  • Improve my energy
  • Improve my sleep
  • Improve my immunity
  • Manage my health


Occasionally I get the odd sniffle that is going around the office but it’s nothing to be bothered by, I feel I have built up more resistance. 

The main thing is this programme has given me the hope that I can continue working for a lot longer than I thought would be possible and has given me a better quality of life than I had previously.

I feel that my healthy eating is now embedded firmly as a habit and is just something I do automatically. 


The below table is the ratings Jayne has given certain areas of her lifestyle, pre and post programme. 1 represents the worst, and 10 the absolute best.

It is also worth noting that Jayne's BMI was recorded as 19.80 pre programme; post programme her BMI was measured at 21.25. Her hip measurement also grew from 34" to 36".

To people who may struggle initially I would say stick with it because you will find over time that you much prefer the fresh home cooked food. Eating real food is life changing because it makes you feel so much better and this is something you will have for the rest of your life and you can pass it on to your family. From a work perspective, I would have thought any employer would recognise and be impressed with your resolve to get healthier. 

My future goals are to incorporate more exercise. Day to day living is almost like exercise to me because of my health challenges. However it would be nice if I could do a little more light exercise on a regular basis and this is something I will be addressing.

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If you are part of a company and would like to find out more about our healthy eating services please call 0845 533 5302.

If you are an individual and are interested in our 12 week online healthy eating programme you can find out more - here. When you're ready you can login to My Healthy Eating Programme using the login button at the top and entering the code VIP10 into the register now box. The cost of the 12 week programme for an individual is £49.99 and we have corporate rates available upon request.

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