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Jon Berry - Improving fitness levels

Jon Berry is an employee of AR Demolition Limited and when his employers decided to offer the 1-2-1 healthy eating programmes to their employees, Jon stepped forward to be included.

Jon is type 1 diabetic, a regular and keen cyclist wishing to improve his time and performance and also wishing to include 'different' and a wider selection of foods for himself and his family.

As you will read below Jon refers to himself as an odd case!  However, by making some simple changes to his foods Jon managed to gain a greater stability with his blood sugars as approved by his doctor on one of his regular check ups for his type 1 diabetes.  His cycling time and performance improved also this was an important goal for Jon.  

When asked to rate the programme Jon rated it as neutral (see below) because as he said 'it is easy to do but you have to put in the planning and organising to make the programme work for you'.  Well yes, we would agree about that - anything worth having in life is worth a little effort!

We hope you enjoy reading abut Jon's results.

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