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"I would recommend the programme to others because I personally have felt the health benefits and I think others would too. This has had a really positive impact at work because I am no longer getting ill and not losing any time by being off sick.  " Claire Musgrave

Linda Patterson - I just wish I had done this earlier.

Recently I had returned from holiday and I was feeling very uncomfortable in my clothes and both mentally and physically I was not feeling good about myself. I was concerned about how I was looking. I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol and if I’m honest this was a close second although I know it’s important for my health to have both of these numbers within a healthy range, I should have been putting this first. I am really pleased to say that my blood pressure and my cholesterol have both reduced as a result of this programme. If we read the press and watch the telly we should all be very well aware of foods and the benefits of eating a healthy diet but not many of us pay much attention and make the necessary changes. 


My goals:

To be generally fitter and more proactive and to have a good work life balance. It’s been very busy at work over the last couple of years and I’ve been very aware that I have neglected my own free time (generally felt exhausted in my own time) as my working life seemed to ‘take over’. Balance now is great. Plus I wanted to reduce my blood pressure and cholesterol and fit in regular exercise. 


In myself I feel tonnes better. I am more able to focus and concentrate. I have more capacity and feel I can put work life balance in better order too.

Anna Mason who is the director of The Healthy Employee was doing the healthy options day at Volvo Group UK.  She was there with her colleague talking about healthy eating and measuring BMI and hip to waist ratio for the employees. Following this event the company decided to pay for a small number of programmes as a pilot and I was fortunate enough to get a place on the programme. 

The programme was all conducted over the phone which made it really easy and personally I found having the weekly calls very helpful. Having someone hold my hand and walk me through it was very useful in the beginning. After a couple of weeks you get into the swing of the dietary changes, life becomes easier and you begin to manage your food and know what you are doing. I thought I knew what a healthy diet was but I didn’t. It’s all about getting the balance right. 

The below table is the ratings Linda has given certain areas of her lifestyle, pre and post programme. 1 represents the worst, and 10 the absolute best.

It is also worth noting that Linda's blood pressure was recorded as 180 over 40 pre programme; post programme her blood pressure was measured at 125 over 85. Her cholesterol also came down from 6.7 to 4.5. All of this in 12 weeks! 


Embarking on healthy eating has inspired me to take exercise. It is definitely a two pronged approach. Because I was taking care of my eating I was able to embrace food, diet and exercise, the whole shebang, which was amazing because I had been trying to do this for the last 8 years and this is the first time I’d been able to change shape. It’s miraculous and the bonus is my sister and father have lost weight too.

In myself I feel tonnes better. I am more able to focus and concentrate. I have more capacity and feel I can put work life balance in better order too. I think it is because when you feel better you feel more logical and more organised. If you feel good about yourself it shines through everything. 

I found the programme surprisingly easy and logical. I still had my glass of wine and lost weight. So I didn’t forego everything, and was happy with the speed my weight came off.

I certainly feel re-vitalised and am glad to say it is not a diet, it’s a form of healthy eating and also very easy to continue.

Also I was nervous about eating out but when I did eat out it was fine. I just thought oh gosh I’m going to fall by the way side and have pitfalls but I didn’t which was great. 

In the programme there was plenty of information with weekly contact plus contact via texts or email at any time and updates via the weekly digest. The Healthy Employee web site was useful with access to tips, case studies and recipes, it was all good. 

I am really glad to have had the opportunity to take part in this programme. I certainly feel re-vitalised and am glad to say it is not a diet, it’s a form of healthy eating and also very easy to continue. I appreciate there may be the odd pitfall as we are all human, but it is very easy to get back on track, I actually don’t want to eat cake which  is something I never imagined I would say... I have tried for the past 10 years to lose weight and exercise more frequently (and failed) but have succeeded following this programme. Also really enjoying exercising (never thought I’d say that either…) I just wish I had done this earlier. 


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