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"The programme itself was brilliant, very easy to follow and has made it easy to continue. I can’t see why I would ever go back to eating the foods I used to eat. " Chris Porter

Mandy's programme

Mandy was very aware that her diet was unhealthy.  She suffered from what we term the 'Graveyard Shift'.  That's the middle of the afternoon slump in energy when people typically find it very difficult to work and to find the motivation to work.  In fact recent research has found that the most unproductive time of day is 2.55pm - read more on this here.

Mandy would eat breakfast and then indulge in fizzy drinks, chocolate, cake, crisps and sweets throughout the day.  She jumped at the chance to part in the healthy eating programme because she felt

'foggy, unfocused, grumpy' and when you got home in the evening she 'could not be bothered to get off the sofa and would be asleep by 9'.

Mandy took part in our 6 week eating for energy programme and by the end of it this is what she had to say-

'Yes I achieved my goals.  I feel fitter, healthier and more energetic.  I found learning about food choices, good choices and bad choices really beneficial, it has raised my awareness of food and made me focus on what I eat, what I take to work for lunch and what my snacks are. There was loads of information from my coach and it was really easy to follow.  I am delighted with the programme and would recommend that everyone does it.'


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If you are part of a company and would like to find out more about our healthy eating services please call 0845 533 5302.

If you are an individual and are interested in our 12 week online healthy eating programme you can find out more - here. When you're ready you can login to My Healthy Eating Programme using the login button at the top and entering the code VIP10 into the register now box. The cost of the 12 week programme for an individual is £49.99 and we have corporate rates available upon request.

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