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"My motivation to eat well and keep well has increased dramatically but not as a temporary change but a lifestyle choice. This was made possible having that 'someone' to talk to and make sense of it all. " Karen Thomson, Associate Director of Policy, Research, and Strategic Visibility at CIPP

Programme Feedback - SC and CW from SCC

Here we have 2 lots of results relating to 2 employees from SCC, a Technology Solutions Provider, in relation to undertaking a programme with The Healthy Employee. We are going to refer to these employees as SC and CW respectively.


1) SC suffers with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). IBS is an umbrella term used when a specific diagnosis cannot be identified but daily or weekly complications and difficulties with your bowels occur. Due to SC’s IBS, they have been struggling with terrible bloating and discomfort, and therefore this is their main incentive in consuming a healthier and more well rounded diet. After the completion of their programme, we asked SC if they had achieved their goals and if so, how this has impacted on their working and personal life. SC explains that they are ‘no longer experiencing tummy ache’ and ‘feeling better in general’. They go on to say, ‘This programme has led me to improve my eating habits and also other areas of my life – becoming more organised has made me feel less stressed and more balanced.’

When asked the most beneficial aspect of the programme, SC states ‘My IBS has improved dramatically and I am feeling less bloated’. And when asked how straightforward they found their programme, SC responded with ‘easy’. SC also stated that they felt as though there was plenty of information available to support her on our website, directly referring to our recipes and plentiful advice. She also stateed that the telephone appointments were very helpful and the only thing they would alter was having more smoothie recipes!

SC has achieved what they set out to do, and has made it happen as a result of the programme: Eating plenty of real foods, snacking regularly and planning ahead.


2) CW’s main driver in joining our programme was to lose weight. When asked if they had achieved this post programme, CW exclaimed, ‘Yes – it has taught me to have a routine and organisation in every aspect of life.’ When asked what they felt was most beneficial throughout their 12 week programme, CW responded ‘website and weekly calls’, and when asked how straight forward they felt their programme was CW answered, ‘very easy’. CW explained to us that she felt as though her 12 week programme was too long. However we explained that new habits take time to change, and the direct support from ourselves throughout the programme enabled her to well and truly embed this new learning, making it a wise decision by SCC to provide CW with a 12 week programme with The Healthy Employee.


Eating real food and eradicating processed food from your diet can make all the difference. Whether you want to shed a few pounds, or maybe a few stone, or perhaps you’re in desperate need of some energy to keep up with your busy life style, or maybe you have a medical condition that will undoubtedly benefit from a healthy diet, whatever your need for personal improvement, The Healthy Employee will have a programme that will enable you to reach your goal with ease and confidence.  


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