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"The main thing is this programme has given me the hope that I can continue working for a lot longer than I thought would be possible and has given me a better quality of life than I had previously. " Jayne Beresford

Sarah Coburn - I continue to use the healthy eating recipes, it's so easy and the food is really tasty!






Sarah wanted to take part in The Healthy Employee programme to see if she could make a positive difference to her stomach problems and understand more about food and her eating habits. We worked with Sarah with an 8 week programme and we are delighted to say this was successful in reducing her stomach pain and improving her level of comfort. 


This is what Sarah had to say about her healthy eating programme -

I have suffered continually with stomach problem since I was a teenageand it's never been uncommon for me to eat a meal and then an hour or so later be met with crippling stomach cramps and bloating. Losing weight was not why I wanted to participate in The Healthy Employee programme, but after hearing the same thing from the doctors for years, I wanted to see if I could learn anything new about food and my eating habits.

Keeping a food diary and going through it with Anna each week was very insightful as I could pinpoint when I experienced pain and look back at what I had eaten. Through trial and error, I was able to discover the foods that caused discomfort and make changes to my diet. My stomach pain is now minimal and I continue to use the Healthy Eating recipes - it's so easy and the food is really tasty! - Sarah Coburn, Marketing Executive


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Sarah comments on how helpful she found it to keep a food diary so that she was able to correlate any discomfort she experienced and the foods she consumed. If you think this may be a good way for you to keep track of your food consumption, click here.

If you are part of a company and would like to find out more about our healthy eating services please call 0845 533 5302.

If you are an individual and are interested in our 12 week online healthy eating programme you can find out more - here. When you're ready you can login to My Healthy Eating Programme using the login button at the topand entering the code VIP10 into the register now box. The cost of the 12 week programme for an individual is £49.99 and we have corporate rates available upon request.

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