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"The thing I’ve found fantastic is the food, there are so many options.  It’s so tasty, that’s the big plus for me. " Simon Cartter

Sharons aim; to lose stomach fat & increase her energy

Sharon's energy was at a low ebb and she was struggling to lose a few lbs. 




During her 1-2-1 personal coaching telephone programme Sharon improved her energy, lost her unwanted lbs and learnt a great deal about food. 

Here Sharon explains her programme in her own words -

'I consider myself quite knowledgeable when it comes to healthy eating, so was quite suprised to find that some of the best held notions of what constitutes a healthy breakfast were in fact resulting in a mid morning energy slump.
 My objectives when I started the program, in order of priority where:

  1. increasing my energy levels
  2. have a degree of accountability for what I ate
  3. lose some of my stomach fat

The program was easy to stick to and had enough variety to stop me getting bored, whilst enabling me to carry on with an active social life without it becoming obvious to my friends that I was following any 'diet'  or eating plan.

I didn't tell anyone in the office that I was following the program as I personally didn't want to get into conversations about 'good and bad' foods and all the hype of 'weight loss' programs as I find this counter productive.

I adopted the mantra of "what would Anna say..." which along with the weekly catch up calls worked brilliantly and helped me to to stay focussed on the program when I had some of those craving for fatty/sugary foods- in my case toast with butter!!

The benefits started to appear pretty quickly, my skin cleared up, I had more energy which meant that I started Yoga and running again, I felt happier in myself and I started to lose weight which my colleagues noticed and commented upon.

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't all easy - there were weeks when I went a bit awry and had a blow out - but I found that I didn't actually enjoy the food as much as I thought I would, proof that my tastebuds and habits were actually changing. When I felt like a blow out the support of Anna was vital and we talked through these instances and identified some triggers for this behaviour which I could then take steps to put a counter measure in place.

I finished the program feeling much more in control of my life and had much more energy, and I lost a significant amount of weight too !!

Many Thanks to Anna for all your support, Sharon  


This is great to hear and another success story for the 1-2-1 personal coaching programme.


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