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"This has been a real education with the application of healthy eating knowledge into a day to day basis, a real eye-opener. I now understand why I was unable to lose weight and how it is now possible. " Richard Hayes

Skanska's Health and Safety Advisor reflects on our Wellbeing Day



Recently we provided a Wellbeing Day for a multinational construction company and this is what their Health & Safety Advisor said about us and the day we provided for their employees - 


"The team and client were very impressed with the visit from The Healthy Employee yesterday, we found this most interesting and beneficial. We have been speaking about your visit today and everyone took away a different piece of information and has committed to make a change to their diet and routine in some way.

We have heard some of the office users discussing the event also and all very positive.

Some key things that stood out for me, was the ease and accessibility for you to set up in our office space and make the area look great. The use of props with information written down is a fantastic way of discussing the subject matter and this gets people engaged and more involved rather than a session sat in a room listening.

We had a pretty good turn out and the clients office users really enjoyed coming over and seeing what sugar and fat contents are in particular food and drink (I love the facts).

I think the stool style really works, and I would love to see more around Stress, Anxiety, Improved sleep and immunity.

Thank you so much for a great day and so good to see all our team and the client’s employees get involved."

- Peter Cundy

Skanska Health and Safety Advisor, Woking and London Commercial


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