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"I have realised that people just make excuses not to get healthier and I would say to anyone just do it and then tell me how hard it was! Because it genuinely is not hard, we just like to throw obstacles in our own way.  " Natalie Wilford

Warwickshire College - July Training Feedback

During July 2013 we provided Warwickshire College with three 1.5 hr Buzz Sessions (workshops) at three of their sites.



The session contents included healthy eating education; why it is important to eat healthily and what is a healthy diet, how to implement healthy eating into an already busy lifestyle, quick and easy lunches and snacks plus a plan of action to help people make some simple and easy dietary changes.

Warwickshire College completed their own evaluation information following the Buzz Sessions and here are the findings:

A total of 41 people took part in the sessions and provided the following feedback from their questionnaires -

1.  This training was relevant to my role

41 people agreed that the training was relevant to their role

2.  This session has provided me with the knowledge &/or skills to perform my role more effectively

41 people agreed

3.  I can identify at least one thing I will do differently as a result of this training

40 people agreed


In addition here are some of the comments made on the feedback questionnaires -

"Very informative"            "Simple and straightforward information"           "Humour"

"Excellent delivery and use of media handouts"           "Held interest"         "Great facts and info"

"A great session for motivating"         "Consider changes to my diet"

"Very interesting and learnt things I didn't know"


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