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The success and performance of your organisation depends upon your employees being at the top of their game. This means being fit and healthy with optimum levels of physical and mental energy and resilience.




Our workshops are tailored to address the challenges people face with today’s busy lifestyles. Each session offers the opportunity to make a real, sustainable and positive impact to employee health and wellbeing by making adjustments to nutrition to help everyone be at their best.  

  • All Workshops have a durations of 45 or 90 minutes
  • Each attendee receives a workshop information pack, plus weekly top tips, tricks and recipes via our Weekly Digest direct through email
  • Feedback from each Workshop is collated and fed back to the employer


Promotion of your chosen Workshop(s):

  • When you confirm your booking you can benefit from communcations to launch the Workshop(s) by email and intranet.
  • Colour posters and leaftlet to promote positive nutrition using simple key messages




Our Workshop selection at a glance:

  • New rules for eating for energy
  • Energy boosting snacks for peak performance
  • How to cope better cope with stresses, strains and day to day workload
  • Top tips to help you make effective dietary changes



  • How to eat to boost focus and concentration
  • Increasing brain skills through the right food choices
  • What to eat to increase memory and attention span and avoid mental tiredness and fatigue
  • Top tips for brain boosting snacks



  • We reveal how foods can alter your mood and brain chemistry
  • The best foods that can help to boost your mood
  • Simple, effective and lasting dietary changes



  • Which foods prevent coughs, colds and flu
  • How to eat to boost your immunity all year round
  • Top tips for sustainable immune boosting dietary changes


  • Which foods are inflammatory and increase pain
  • What to eat to reduce inflammation and reduce pain, improving your quality of life
  • How to lose body fat to reduce pressure on joints and ease back pain


  • Why the afternoon slump occurs
  • How to eat to avoid the afternoon slump
  • Top tips to help you make effective dietary changes to avoid the afternoon slump


There is a better way: Swap the all-or-nothing approach for one or two healthy changes in your daily routine. Doing this can lead to more weight loss than you ever imagined. 

  • Weight loss without the faddy diets
  • No calorie counting, no weighing, no diet products
  • How to swap the all-or-nothing approach when it comes to dieting for one or two healthy lifestyle changes
  • How to make effective, successful, sustainable dietary changes


  • The common pitfalls of weight maintenance
  • How to maintain a healthy weight with ease using small but powerful changes to your routine
  • Top tips to help you remain a healthy weight
  • Developing a healthier relationship with food


  • How to remove stimulants that may be preventing a good night’s sleep
  • How to lift that day time fog
  • How to fuel up to improve sleep patterns
  • How to improve the health of your hart, weight and mind
  • Top tips to promote a refreshing night’s sleep


  • A demontration on to create quick, delicious and easy food
  • Interactive with involvment from all participants
  • How to get organised for the week ahead
  • Cost comparisons to showcase the real (low) cost of healthy eating
  • Someone from the audience will be invited to put The Healthy Employee apron on!

Our 5 course tasting menu to be served to up to 30 people:

  • Parma ham with melon
  • Creamy smoothie with almond milk
  • Overnight, No-Cook Refrigerated Porridge
  • Quinoa and Chimichurri Steak or Chicken Super Salad
  • Greek yoghurt dessert with chocolate and vanilla
  • How to make water interesting - Strawberry and Apple Water


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