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Will I lose weight?

What are my chances of losing weight by following My Healthy Eating Programme?  Answer: very high indeed. 


  Because you will be reducing your sugar consumption by eating real foods

  Because you will no longer be eating processed foods which cause inflammation and bloating

  Because you will no longer be eating the additives, preservatives, colourings and flavourings which cause inflammation and bloating

  Because you will be fuelling yourself up with plenty of real food

  Because you will be eating approximately 5 times each day – 3 meals and 2 snacks to aid your metabolism and aid fat burning

  Because you will reduce sugar and therefore banish cravings for sweet foods

  Because you will be keeping your food diary and tracking your consumption of food

  Because you will be tracking your progress by keeping a record of your stats – your BMI, Hip to waist ratio, food diary, weight

  Because you will have clearly stated your weight loss goal on your stats information – it’s always helpful to know your goal and refer to this regularly.


Plus we have much more information in My Healthy Eating Programme to help you achieve your weight loss and importantly keep it off forever. 

What's the low-down on food labels?  Deciphering food labels can be tricky we know, wil My Healthy Eating Programme you won't need to do this - more here.

Eating processed foods can cause heart disease and diabetes, amongst other diseases, read more here.


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