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How To Have A Happy January Part 4


January is a challenging month for most, a lack of daylight, miserable weather and little to look forward to. However, the food you choose to eat throughout these drizzly days will go a long way in dictating your mood and motivation. Concentrating on embarking on a diet that contains the following nutritional elements will arm you with useful tools to create and sustain motivation and positivity. Each week we will be posting two vital vitamins and nutrients that aid in boosting mood, energy and vitality, along with the top foods and delicious recipes.



Magnesium is a common ingredient within many homeopathic remedies due to its ability to stabilise mood and boost feelings of happiness. 

Rich sources


Rustle up these delicious recipes to boost your magnesium: 

Apricot lamb with spiced cauli couscous

Herby pancakes with aubergine and goat’s cheese

Peruvian quinoa salad


Vitamin B6

For efficient and consistent brain function, vitamin B6 must be consumed. This helps to positively influence your emotions and lift your mood. 

Rich sources



The following recipes will help you achieve your vitamin B6 quota:


Chicken and harissa traybake

Colourful coleslaw

Sesame beef, mixed greens and salad


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