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5 habits to change Monday for the better

The Healthy EmployeeMental Health 5 habits to change Monday for the better

5 habits to change Monday for the better

With lockdown and tier restrictions, it has never been more important to maintain a routine. Each week can blur into the next; but making some small changes can make a real difference to the beginning of your week.

Monday mornings are generally universally disliked, with many obligations and stresses often put off over the weekend, ready for us to tackle at the beginning of the week. Statistically, the prevalence of heart attacks increases on a Monday morning.

If you find yourself becoming distracted, quick tempered or short on patience on a Sunday afternoon, consider asking yourself whether it’s the impending week ahead that it contribute towards it.

As we are all limited with what we can do, where we can go and who we can see, it can make restoring our inner equilibrium for the week ahead even more of a challenge. The following habit changes are a guide and can change to fit your circumstances and family needs – but each one is aimed at making the beginning of your week easier, setting you up for a positive week ahead.


1. Schedule planning time on Monday morning

Making time in your schedule for planning each Monday will help you to prioritise your responsibilties for the week ahead. This could also be used as brainstorming or just time to think. Purposely setting aside 30 minutes will mean that you don’t feel pressured or that you are wasting time, it is an opportunity to be constructive and feel in control of your week – whatever that may look like for you.


2. Move on Sunday afternoon

Many of us experience some form of anxiety on a Sunday. It usually kicks in around the same time each week, when your brain starts whirring about all of the things the week ahead will bring. It has been shown that light exercise can help with relaxation and the release of stress and anxiety. Plan to do something light but physical on a Sunday afternoon such as a yoga session, or walk with the family/dogs. Moving your body can help to ground you and quieten down any nagging inner dialogue.


3. Become an introvert on a Sunday afternoon

Socialising on a Sunday afternoon or evening can often leave you feeling a little drained come Monday morning. Make time for you, cook a delicious meal, read a good book or watch that film you’ve been meaning to see. Don’t completely devoid yourself of human contact, text a friend if you like, but refraining for big social gatherings (of the 2020 equivalent of big Zoom calls) will help you to feel more refreshed for the week ahead.


4. Plan your Monday morning on Friday evening

By making your plan of action for Monday on Friday will help you to switch off over the weekend. Assign time for all of those important responsibilities so you know you can hit the ground running come Monday. This enables you to leave the working week behind and enjoy your down time.


5. Get up earlier on Monday

Even if it’s 20 minutes earlier than usual, this will buy you time to do something to help you relax. Take a longer shower, sit and enjoy your coffee in peace, or simply lie in bed and enjoy the moment of calm. This will help to establish a more refreshed and relaxed mindset.


Sometimes it is totally acceptable for Mondays to feel like a real chore. It’s okay if nothing you do will make this Monday feel any better or more positive. Life can be incredibly challenging at the best of times, but 2020 has really put us to the test! A bad mood isn’t something that makes you a failure. However, if you are weeks are feeling like an endless season of Mondays, you may benefit from speaking to a medical professional.

The Healthy Employee
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